3 Easy Steps to Prepare Delicious Sweet Corn Soup

3 Easy Steps to Prepare Delicious Sweet Corn Soup

Despite its origins in Asia, sweet corn soup is no more confined to any particular country these days. At the present time, it has transcended the borders to become one of the most popular dishes around the world. Generally prepared using sweet corn, coupled with spring onions and vegetable stock, it constitutes one of the most popular appetizers worldwide.

Other than an appetizer, this soup is also taken as a snack. If you are fond of it, try it out at home using the recipe given below.

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All About Chicken Korma and The Best Way to Cook It

Chicken Korma is a spicy Indian food which is cooked with chicken. It involves braising the pieces of meat with cream or yoghurt. Either stock or water is used to produce a thick sauce of spices.

The word ‘Korma’ means ‘braising’ in Urdu; it refers to the cooking technique which is applied while cooking the dish. The origins of the dish date back to the Mughal era. Most foodies favor it for its creamy and delicious taste.

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Steps to Prepare Delicious Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani is famous around the world for its flavor. Such is its taste that those who are fond of non-vegetarian dishes find it hard to resist the temptation of having it. Most foodies believe it is next to impossible to experience the authentic taste of this incredibly delicious Indian dish outside Hyderabad – the region after which the biryani is named. By and large, it is true as it takes a special kind of preparation, coupled with a particular way of cooking for its original taste.

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What Makes Hyderabadi Biriyani so Yummy?

Among spicy dishes around the world, no other dish represents gastronomic delight better than Hyderabadi Biryani. Strange as it may sound, tourists visit India to merely experience the richness of its taste.

What makes foodies cast their covetous eyes on this spicy treat? Why is it believed to be the best biryani among all the existing variants? Read on to find out.

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Different Kinds of Biryani You Should Try Out

When one thinks of biryani, the first thing which crosses one’s mind is the yummy rice cooked with spices and meat which is served hot along with a salad. Apart from being palatable, biryani is also known for the rich variety it offers to those who relish the prospect of eating it.

‘Biryani’ is a Persian word which means fried or roasted rice with spice and meat. Since its emergence in the Mughal era, the popularity of this mouth-watering dish has surged both at home and abroad.

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