4 South Indian Biryanis You Should Try Out

4 South Indian Biryanis You Should Try Out

4 South Indian Biryanis You Should Try Out | Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Sugarland Texas

India is a nation of numerous flavourful cuisines, each has a distinct identity related to different regions or states in it. Here, different curries are taken either with steamed rice, fried rice or with bread made of flour. One of the rice dishes which is popular for its distinct taste among foodies both in India and abroad is biryani.

Though biryani is loved in almost all the states in the country, its taste differs from one state to the other. The difference in the taste of biryani can be attributed to the distinct spices and techniques that are used to prepare it. A number of biryanis, the non-veg ones in particular such as Hyderabadi Biryani, have their origins in the southern states.

Each South Indian biryani offers a different flavor. Here is a list of such biryanis that you should try out for their mouth-watering taste.

Hyderabadi Biryani

The popularity of this biryani can be gauged from the fact that a majority of visitors to Hyderabad believe that their trip would remain incomplete unless they took the flavorful cuisine. Layered with mint leaves, fiery chicken, chillies and golden fried onions, it gives out a rich aromatic flavour which resembles Hyderabadi dum biryani of Sugarland in Texas, USA.

Kalyani Biryani

As a less-rich and mutton variant of Hyderabadi biryani, Kalyani Biryani has a fascinating history linked to its inception. When the British took away the grand mansions of the Kalyani Nawabs of the modern-day Karnataka, a majority of royal cooks lost their employment. Following it, they set up their own stalls wherein they started cooking and serving a biryani with the same aroma as Hyderabadi biryani but a different flavor. This version of biryani came to be known as Kalyani Biryani.

Ambur Biryani

Ambur Biryani bears a striking resemblance to Lucknowi Biryani. However, it is prepared using mint leaves, curd and mutton pieces, whole spices and chilli paste. Popular among food lovers for its special meaty flavor, it is served with brinjal curry.

Thalassery Biryani

Otherwise known as Kozhikode Biryani, Thalassery Biryani is cooked with a variety of rice which differs from the one with which the other popular varieties of biryanis are made. A fragrant, thinner and shorter form of rice called Jeerakasala or Khyama from another state, Kerala is used as the rice for this kind of biryani.

If you have not tasted these popular forms of biryani yet, you should try them out at the earliest. The rich taste of these biryanis would leave you spellbound.

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